All Audi Club Glacier Lakes events are geared toward offering drivers a chance to learn about their cars in a fun, safe, and engaging environment.  We aim to provide opportunities to bring members together to socialize and share their enthusiasm for the Audi brand.

2019 Schedule Of Events

High Performance Driver Education or HPDE events offer a chance to learn more about yourself, your driving skills, and your car on some of the best tracks in the country.  It’s even a chance to meet and socialize with a diverse group of people who really enjoy their cars.

Teen Car Control Clinics are a perfect place for the teen driver to have fun and improve their driving skills at the same time.  The driving clinics, held at Dakota County Technical College, are designed to help teens improve their ability to control a vehicle in both normal and emergency situations.

Ice Driving Events are a great way to experience all the advanced driving techniques at greatly reduced speed. Only in a place like Minnesota can we use one of our lakes as a track. We clear a slalom, drift oval, and a 1.3 mile road course with a snow plow and let attendees experience very low traction conditions allowing them to easily experience under-steer, oversteer, threshold braking all aimed at refining their skills.

Come contribute to the wonderful community by attending one of our Club Social Events.  Throughout the year, the club organizes happy hours, fun drives, picnics, & member appreciation events.  The common ground club members find is always surprising.  So much knowledge, experience, and everyone’s always so eager to share.  Come meet up with fellow enthusiasts in the area.