Ice Driving Events are open to members and non-members of Audi Club Glacier Lakes (ACGL) and Audi Club North America (ACNA) in that you do not have to become a member of either ACGL or ACNA to participate in this skill enhancing event.

Our goal is simple: Audi Club Glacier Lakes driving events are designed and run to educate, build skills and promote the application of driving technique on the street well beyond the drivers’ education courses found in high schools.

We will use a very shallow lake in Scott County MN in order to provide a safe and structured environment for our students. We will NOT hold an event when the lake doesn’t have sufficient ice depth to accommodate our event.

We plow the lake prior to the event to establish our slalom, accident avoidance, skid pad, and road course exercises so that when you arrive at the event we maximize your learning opportunities.

Modern technology has given us cars with capabilities far above those required for relatively safe everyday driving, however, what we teach is based on the premise that you should never be a passenger in the car you are driving. This simply means that when you experience adverse situations on the road, you will be prepared to take decisive action as opposed to panicking or doing nothing.

Check out this awesome video from one of our prior events that member Andy Kim put together for us!


2019 Ice Event Dates:


What to expect at an ice driving event.