What Are People Saying about our Clinics?

Still not convinced this is the best possible investment for you or for your teen driver who recently, or is about to, obtain their license? Are you confident in your teen’s abilities to behind the wheel on the street? Are you confident in your abilities to control your vehicle when the expected, and the unexpected, happen on the road?  

Skim a few of the testimonials we have collected over the years.

Attendee Testimonials

“Thank you for your group’s time and talents in providing a very useful driving class for my daughter. She is my 4th teen driver that has gone to a class of this type. The previous drivers have utilized the same course with the street survival.org group.

Both my daughter and I found the amount of driving in your format to be very beneficial. The previous classes my children have attended had more class room time and less driving. Your format provided her enough seat time to feel quite confident in her execution of the points covered in the classroom. She grew much more confident in her feel for the car as the day went on and appreciated the feedback of her in-car instructor.

It was a rewarding day for both of us, to see her smile as she “mastered” the braking exercise was just plain great. She certainly took her car handling skills to a new level as a result of this event.

One of the items that I found helpful at the other class was they had the students stand at a “roll call” at the beginning of the day. That way students new a little quicker and easier a little about who was in the class with them. I will tell you each of my children read the copy of the other German branded vehicle’s newsletter they got as part of their class.

Thank you again for your donated time and efforts. It is a very good use of time and I assume quite rewarding for your instructors knowing they have had a very positive impression on many driver’s lives. See you at one of your upcoming classes and will spread the word about your group’s great work.”

Patrick, June 2018

“I wanted to send a personal thanks to each of you, and friends from the BMW club, for hosting yesterday’s teen driver’s clinic. My father has been a Glacier Lakes member for many years and mentioned this clinic before my daughter was born. Now that Victoria is of driving age it was time to sign her up, and wow, am I glad I did. In eight hours, your instructors taught these young adults valuable lessons that cannot be taught on public roads in traditional driver’s education. The instructors clearly know what they’re doing, as they quickly developed a bond with their assigned student and educated through positive reinforcement. As a parent, it was fun to watch each and every student develop skill and confidence throughout the day. 

 Your clinic is an absolute must for anyone putting a new teen driver on the road.”

Jeremy, June 2018

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