Members Helping Members – It’s What We Do!

One of the many things I admire about ACGL members is the manner in which they support one another. From helping each other wrench on a car at the track, to maintaining and detailing their cars together, and generally lending a hand for whatever may be needed – Audi related or not. 

On January 27, 2019 we hosted our first Ice Driving Event of the year. Everyone was excited! More than 50 drivers were registered for the event, and we were expecting more to sign-upon-site. We had a group of dedicated volunteers ready to coach, keep order, and ensure all were having a great time.

The day started out at a balmy -22 degrees and our volunteers were on the road early to get things set up and ready to receive drivers.  Brad, one of our truly dedicated members, had his Audi loaded up with supplies and was on the road before 7 a.m. when he encountered a problem – a flat tire. Oh, what to do?

Brad pulled off the highway and called fellow volunteer, Yanni, who was also in route to the event. His plan was to hand off supplies to Yanni and send him off to the event while Brad took care of his flat.  But in true ACGL fashion, Yanni arrived at Brad’s location and proceeded to pull a jack and tools out of his car and help Brad change the tire. Then the two continued on their way to the event.

Fast forward to the event, which takes place on a lake in a relatively sparsely populated area. Brad is busy with driver registration when Caz, another ACGL volunteers, notices a low tire on Brad’s Audi. Hummmm, not an air compressor in sight and no gas station nearby to help with this one. But I bet you can guess what happens next! Caz hops in his vehicle and heads several miles down the road to buy a battery-powered compressor, filled the leaking tire and kept refilling throughout the day. At the end of the day Brad drove home with Yanni following to ensure he did not have any more issues.

This is one of many, many examples we see year after year of the support and teamwork between ACGL members. Nice work team!