RSQ e-tron in Latest ‘Spies in Disguise’ Trailer

It’s hard to believe the first trailer for the upcoming animated Will Smith movie Spies in Disguise came out about a year ago. That’s a long lead up for a movie scheduled to be out around Christmas this year, but we expect the wait will be worth it to see the RSQ e-tron.

For those keeping score, this is the second Audi model to wear the RSQ nomenclature – both designed specifically for film appearances only… and both starring actor Will Smith. This time around, the car is part of an animated film, and it also wears the “e-tron” badge.

This latest trailer has the RSQ e-tron figuring prominently, depicting a few action sequences and revealing key details o the interior. Light up e-tron logos and seams on the seats seem to harken the production e-tron’s optional lit seatbelt receptacles, but figure a bit more futuristic for the likes of a super spy.

The latest trailer also features a new single “Then There Were Two” by Mark Ronson and Anderson .Paak.

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