Robert Downey Jr. Leaks e-tron GT Placement in ‘Avengers Endgame’

It’s pretty common at the Los Angeles Auto Show that car manufacturers tap Hollywood stars to help promote the brand. Even still, a celebrity the caliber of Robert Downey Jr. is a pretty big get. That Downey Jr. popped in to Audi’s off-site e-tron GT launch  event was kind of a big deal. That the veteran actor revealed the Audi e-tron GT would star in next spring’s Avengers: Endgame movie is an even bigger deal.

The confirmation happened in a promotional video Downey did for Audi. In the spot, Tony Stark’s alter ego interviews Audi’s head of design Marc Lichte. The two chat comfortably about the new e-tron GT and ham it up just a bit as they also touch on some of the design elements. Later in the spot, Downey asks for a test drive and they coyly confirm the e-tron GT will be in the next installment of Marvel’s Avengers, plugging its release date this spring.

Audi fans were likely more enamored with the universally appreciated looks of this upcoming electric Sportback that shares a chassis with the Porsche Taycan. And, while auto enthusiasts are a committed bunch, so too are comics fans. It didn’t take long for several blogs focused more on super heroes than super cars to key in on what Robert Downey Jr. had revealed.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time a Marvel super hero has driven an Audi. Stark’s on screen counterpart Tony Stark has been driving various Audi models since he first rolled in an R8 in the first Iron Man movie. He’s even sported an R8 e-tron even though that first-generation electric R8 Mk1 never quite made it into production. Often, Stark rolls off into the sunset in the latest in unobtainium Audi models, and that’s the likely theory of how the e-tron GT will take part in Endgame. Even still, it’s a bit premature to say for sure given all we’ve seen thus far is a sole preview trailer.

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