What Would e-tron GT Road Car Look Like? We Render It.

Consider us inspired by those color Audi e-tron GT renderings from earlier this week. You may recall that InsideEVs.com went ahead and changed the color on some press photos of the concept car in some paint codes familiar to us and some that were not. We decided to go one step further by changing the e-tron GT to a road car with some more production-style components.

Audi has promised the e-tron GT will come to market by 2020 in some capacity. Based on the same platform that underpins the Porsche Taycan electric car, the e-tron GT is set to be a range topper that will price in somewhere in the neighborhood of the Audi R8.

As a road car, we’d guess the e-tron GT will shed some of its concept cues, so  we’ve enacted some of those changes. Here you see door handles pulled from the Audi Q8, traditional rearview mirrors and alloy wheels that look more akin to a road car option. Those wheels are actually modified versions from one of Audi’s prologue concept cars and adjusted to show a two-tone matte black and machined aluminum finish in case you were wondering.

As for paint colors, we too have gone with some familiar to fans of Audi exclusive paint tones. Nardo Grey, Daytona Grey, Nimbus Grey, Goodwood Green, Mugello Blue, Nogaro Blue, Samoa Orange, Sonoma Green, Mocha Latte and Teak Brown all harken some of the great modern and not-so-modern Audi models thus far. Also, they each look great on the e-tron GT.

So what do you think? Did we get it right, and what’s your favorite color?

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