Renders e-tron GT in Various Colors

There’s no doubt that the upcoming e-tron GT is one of the most anticipated new Audi models in a long time. Set to share the same platform as the Porsche Taycan EV and position itself at the top of the Audi range alongside the R8, the e-tron GT has been shown thus far in concept form and wowed most who’ve laid eyes upon it.

As a concept car, the e-tron GT was shown in a rather subtle grey tone. With platinum gold accents and its voluptuous body shape, the exotic muscular shape of the car easily shone through the drab grey paint shade. But, what if it were painted in one of Audi’s more sought-after colors? The website took a stab at imagining that very idea.

The idea here is simple. Isolate out the bodywork of the e-tron GT and change the color. To that end, InsideEVs didn’t mess with any other details. They simply changed the color to no less than eight different tones. We’ve shared three of the eight here, colors that closely resemble popular Audi exclusive offerings such as Nardo Grey, Samoa Orange and Sonoma Green.

Taking these in more closely, we notice two things. First, the gold accents of the concept car contrast in a fresh way off of familiar Audi paint colors. Given the trend toward this sort of gold accent work be it the R8 Decennium special edition or other manufacturers like the Weissach Pack-equipped Porsche 911 GT2, it definitely seems to be a market trend and we can certainly appreciate the design cue.

Another detail we noticed was the grille. In this case, the trademark Audi singleframe appears to be a light grey much like you’d see in an Audi S-car offering. Worth noting, that’s the same grey that was on the bodywork of the original Audi e-tron GT concept. Audi Design Team boss Marc Lichte has pointed out before that the intent on the e-tron was to make the Audi singleframe grille a color-matched element, so likely here should be colored to match the changed paint choices of orange, grey or green.

Whatever the case, we’re suspecting you’ll want to see more. All eight colors are available for your viewing pleasure over on

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