More than 5,000 New Fast Charging Points by 2025: Massive Expansion by IONITY Strengthens Audi’s Charging Offering

  • IONITY investing 700 million euros in its own high-power charging network
  • Number of fast-charging points growing from 1,500 to around 7,000 across Europe
  • Up to 350 kW of power for future-proof charging
  • “Plug & Charge” functionality for Audi e-tron models makes charging even more convenient

A well-developed charging infrastructure forms the very backbone of electrified mobility. That is why IONITY is investing around 700 million euros to install more than 5,000 additional fast-charging points by 2025. As such, the joint venture – in which Volkswagen, with its Porsche and Audi brands, has a stake – is creating more than 1,000 locations for fast charging at up to 350 kW. A new flagship concept from IONITY and the new “Plug & Charge” functionality available on Audi e-tron models are also designed to enhance convenience and the charging experience.

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