More Landjet Rumors from Project Artemis

Inbound to Audi’s electric portfolio is the much talked about Project Artemis, an aggressive and secretive development team led by former Porsche 919 LMP1 engineer Alexander Hitzinger. Set to launch in 2024 on Audi’s upcoming PPE electric architecture, the car will spawn Audi, Porsche and Bentley variants.

Audi Design chief Marc Lichte has talked of the car emphasizing that its focus would be long-distance travel using autonomous driving, and that offers its developers the opportunity to do something completely revolutionary.

At the heart of the “revolution” claim is the interior. Lichte has shared that Audi will completely change the layout of the interior. Perhaps then it may take cues from the AI:CON concept revealed in 2019. This rendering is based on the AI:CON form, though lengthened and with more upright windshield to simulate a rumored three rows / seven seat configuration. Production is slated for Volkswagen’s Hannover plant to accommodate the car’s large size. 

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