Quattrokhana Winter Driving Schools

Registration Opens December 1, 2023

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of Audi Club of North America hosts its Quattrokhana winter ice driving schools on the frozen surface of Georgetown Lake for all makes and models of cars.  Participants will start their day with a short presentation covering safety, winter driving techniques and schedule. After the presentation, participants will put their cars through exercises on varied snow and ice conditions, allowing participants to practice car control techniques in extreme winter/ice conditions.

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I attended the Audi Club ice driving event 2 years ago, and cannot recommend it highly enough.  Leading up to the event I was apprehensive about my own driving skill on ice, wrecking my car, or not being able to complete the course(s) I was sure would be assigned.  From almost the moment I ‘stepped’ on to the ice, all of the nervousness was gone.  This event was well planned, expertly directed, and most important a TON of fun.  The amount of confidence I left with in both my car, and my own winter/ice driving skills was significant.  Did I mention that in amongst all of the great tips/tricks/lessons, that this day was so much fun? Sign up – you won’t regret it – it’s a great, great day of driving, meeting new people, and learning new, valuable, safer approaches to winter driving – all in a safe, controlled environment that ensures both you and your car get to try out those new skills!  

  -Kelly H

Event Dates for 2024 (Registration begins Dec 1, 2023)

January 26, 2024 Link to Registration: http://msreg.com/quattrokhana0126

February 10, 2024 Link to Registration: http://msreg.com/quattrokhana0210

Event requirements

Space is limited to first 24 vehicles, so please register early. If sharing a vehicle with another participant, please note this on the registration form. Please note also that a maximum of two (2) participants per car are allowed.


  • You must register in advance to participate.
  • Teens must be at least 15 years old and have a driver’s license or driver’s permit. Parent or guardian must be present at check in to authorize teen participation. Adults registered for the school are welcome to share a vehicle with their teen.
  • Vehicles with ANY fluid leaks will not be allowed onto Georgetown Lake.
  • Good snow tires are strongly recommended, studded tires are permitted. Tires must be DOT certified.

Is Driving on Georgetown Lake Safe?

The ice depth and quality are checked prior to each event.  The ice on the lake is usually between 12 and 24 inches throughout January and February.  The minimum allowed depth for ice driving at our events is 12 inches.  If the ice is not thick enough, the event will be cancelled, and participants will not be charged.