Dan Daubenspeck – President

I have been an Audi Club member since January 2020, after buying a 2011 Q5 as my first Audi.  I saw an ad for the Audi Club in a 2008 edition of quattro while my car was being services, and decided that I wanted to fully immerse myself in the Audi culture and signed up. Shortly after becoming a member, I reached out to the local chapter to see if I could volunteer some time with any of the club activities or functions. I was also trying to do the same thing on a national level after reading a call for volunteers on that level. Shortly after reaching out to both groups, I joined the RMC as an interim board member and was also accepted an invitation to join the membership committee on the national level.

My vision for the RMC is to continue the work of the existing board members, and members leaving the board by increasing membership and the membership experience for our local chapter. The current board, excluding myself, due to being new, have laid a solid foundation for the club and are to be commended for their prior service. I would like to continue as a member of the board and work to continue advancing the vision of the board to date. In addition to the benefits afforded to members on the national level, I would like to further introduce additional value to our chapter members with expanded education opportunities, social events,  community outreach and maintain strong relationships with dealers and other Audi service providers, and would envision extending all these items to members across the entire geographic areas of the RMC.

Ian Martin – Vice President

I am a recent addition to the ranks of Audi Enthusiasts, getting my first 4-ring vehicle 3 years ago with a 2014 S5. This was my first car that I was really “proud” of, and I loved that was both luxury and performance in a great looking form. In a fairly short amount of time, I felt right at home in the Audi family.

It began with learning about all the mods that are possible on the B8 platform via Audizine (and, oh my, are there a lot!). At a Euro Cars gathering I saw the Audi Club booth, and was clued in that there was a whole other part of the Audi scene that I didn’t know about. It happened that the next weekend the club was going to the Snowmass car show + wine festival, so a last minute decision was made to drag the family with me to Snowmass. Getting to drive the track there in my own Audi was probably the thing that “did it” for me, and I was hooked. I became an ACNA member in 2019.

In the last few years I’ve enjoyed being able to be part of the Rocky Mountain Chapter and participated in High Plains track days, Car Shows, Autocross, Detailing and fun “hang out” events. I’ve always had an inclination for volunteering, and I’ve helped both the Audi and Porsche clubs at multiple Autocross events in the last few years as well. (I’ve also volunteered in the past for the Great American Beer Festival for about 7 years).

I’d like to continue my involvement in RMC Audi Club by putting my effort into a leadership role on the board. I would like to help to grow our chapter in membership and activities. I can also provide knowledge in IT support for the club, my professional job being a Software Architect. I am an understanding and empathetic person, and would gladly listen to comments and suggestions from other club members to facilitate the board accomplishing what its members want to see from our chapter.

I enjoy cars: talking with others, working on them, researching about them – and driving them! However, over the course of the last few years I’ve come to understand that the most important thing about car clubs are the people. The best events we have are when other Audi Enthusiasts attend and participate to create community. I believe I can help bring more of that to our club.