Rocky Mountain Chapter Board Nominees

You may place your vote beginning Feb 11 until Feb 18, 2024

Peter Geise

Peter was initially appointed to the board in May of 2021, and was formally elected to the board in March of 2022.  Since that time, Peter has served as the Treasurer of the chapter, and has been integral in securing two significant contributions in the areas of sponsorship:

  • Helping to secure Flatirons Audi as the signature sponsor of our charitable golf tournament last year.
  • Helping to establish a working relationship with Nokian Tyres during our ice driving events this year and into the future.

Peter has previously been a volunteer for other organizations, including a member on the board of the City of Louisville and a key volunteer of There With Care (a charity for Families and Children Facing Critical Illness), especially in organizing and sponsorship for their annual golf tournament. He has been described as honest, thoughtful and personable.

Peter has been the owner of multiple Q7’s and is an avid fan of the four rings, owning Audi’s since 1998.


Chris Pagan

I have had the pleasure of serving on the board for the last 2 years and I’m looking forward to continuing to serve the club and its members.
I have been an Audi enthusiast since I was in my early teens, before I could even drive! My first email address back when I was a youth was Audi inspired. I have loved every Audi I have ever owned(currently on my 3rd) and l would be honored to help continue to share and spread that enthusiasm to other members by being apart of the board. The joy of Audi ownership also runs in my family as my 2 daughters are in love with the brand just as much as I am.
My work experience background also makes me a great board member. I have worked in various industries including running different kitchens as a chef, I used to work in the insurance industry for a number of years and I am currently and have been working in the financial industry for a number of years now. I am very organized, I have great analytical skills, and I have great attention to detail. I am looking forward to creating some awesome memories with you all.
Thank you for considering me to continue to be apart of the board.


Jeff Steigelmann

Hello all! My name is Jeff Steigelmann and I am running for a board position for our chapter. I have been a very active member of the ACNA for over 8 years now and have volunteered for many local and national events throughout that time.

However, I’ve been an (obsessed) Audi & Volkswagen enthusiast for far longer! Since entering the world of quality German engineering, I have owned five VW Jetta’s (MKIII/MKIV), three Audi B5 S4’s (two being Nogaro’s), two B8 S4’s, a handful of other Audis, and I am currently driving a 2003 Audi allroad 2.7t 6-speed that I’m looking forward to bringing to many events here in Colorado!

Since moving to Berthoud, Colorado, I have attended countless car shows, cars & coffee events, day and night-time meets, drives, and anything else we’ve found that was enthusiast related. I’m also the co-owner of Rocky Mountain Performance & Design along with Saul Rivkin, a current chapter board member. I have experience with tuning, welding, fabricating, machine work, and many other automotive related talents that I truly enjoy sharing with others whenever the opportunity permits.

Saul and I aspire to hold events of all types at our shop here in Berthoud with high hopes that we can provide an inviting and comfortable environment for all ACNA members and nonmembers alike.  In the long run, we hope to be a business that people come to know and trust with their automotive wants and needs.

Saul is a past-president of the ACNA Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter, which has given me plenty of experience with assisting the club in many ways. Once elected, I am looking forward to bringing my energy and drive to the Audi Club Rocky Mountain Chapter for years to come!


Scott Newell

Scott is a Colorado native and a longtime auto enthusiast. His auto journey started with American muscle, followed by a stint in the JDM scene before finding his passion within in the German brands. His first Audi was a 2006
manual S4. Aside from adding full bolt-ons, he also had one of the first PES superchargers in the country installed. It was a great sounding and thrilling ride. In addition to enjoying his cars, Scott also enjoyed photographing cars. He
spent time photographing cars for local shops, national publications, and media outlets for multiple SEMA shows. He also created 5280 Fest, a large annual auto show for the local community.

During this time, he moved away from the Audi brand and into Porsche. He had a 2014 Cayenne S, great for mountain runs and hauling groceries. That was followed by a 2017 Porsche Macan GTS. This little SUV was customized with Vossen wheels, lowered suspension,
custom carbon bits, intake, intercoolers, and a protune. He took this gem on various rallies and road trips to Moab and California. The allure of fully capable SUV’s was starting to wane which prompted Scott to sale his Macan and get a 2018 Porsche Cayman GTS.

He also needed a daily driver, so he snagged a 2020 Audi Q3 in the process. Truth be told, Scott enjoyed the Q3 more than his prior two Porsche SUV’s which reinvigorated his passion for Audi. His Porsche Cayman GTS was highly modified, and he spent most of his weekends driving in the mountains or hanging out with the local Porsche
Club of America community. Speaking of the PCA, Scott helped coordinate events with the local chapter and set up shop events with local mechanics. He also can be found attending the weekend cars and coffees, Audi group meets, and local rallies in Colorado. Scott found himself spending more time with Audi groups and fawning over Audi sport and Audi RS cars, the RS6 in particular. He decided to pull the plug and purchase a Audi RS6 and become fully committed to the Audi brand in 2023.

Outside of cars, Scott is an avid hiker, photographer, frequent traveler, and CEO of a national professional services firm.  He enjoys working with local shops, local groups, and creating partnerships to advance meaningful causes.