Tamari (Tae) Mitchell

I am very much aligned with the goals and focus of your organization and I would like to use the skills gained in my lifetime to help community projects reach their objectives. I have experience in chairing meetings and strategic solutions. My administrative, sales and Information Technologies Specialist experience plus proven leadership skills will prove useful in the ACRMC. Enhancing staff performance and resourcefulness are some of my key strengths. I get along well with others and thrive on finding resolutions to problems. I am confident that these qualities together with my commitment to work will be an asset to your organization. Some of my personal achievements in my professional capacity I can bring to your organization are as follows:

  • Represents the organization and serves as a wellness and Info Tech spokesperson.
  • Research driven.
  • Offer a broad knowledge of programs, policies and implementation strategies.
  • I know that I can bring much benefit with my experience, educational qualifications and skills. I look forward to putting these towards a good cause.

Tamari provides software assistance for the program that manages IEP’s, 504’s and Gifted and Talented to over 2000 staff members of Denver Public Schools (DPS). She has worked within DPS for over 14 years and brings a significant amount of experience and focus in Information Technology, Photography and Staff Wellness. She maintains both the internal and external websites for a multi-tiered department within DPS. Through her work, she has developed a strong sense of devotion for the nonprofit sector and her community.

Pablo Balan

Pablo is employed with a company that is in the fire and explosion mitigation business for dust collection systems in industrial processes as the Regional Manager for Northeast USA and Latin America. His current and past work skills include project manager, project engineer, sales manager, CAD engineer, and senior mechanic.
Pablo was born and raised in Buenos Aries, Argentina and came to the US in 2004. His love of cars and engines started while helping his grandfather fix the family car at age 6 and the love of all things cars has never stopped. With his education path set and a love of engines he quickly became a lead mechanic at a Renault dealership at the age of 19, working and attending school until graduating from Universidad Tecnologica Nacional, Buenos Aires, with a mechanical engineering degree.
Pablo has a wide range of interests and activities including being a member and volunteer of the Colorado Mountain Club for 11 years. Serving the Denver Regional Group in multiple sections of the club including the Denver School Board of Directors, Director of the fly-fishing school, senior instructor for the fly-fishing Section, senior instructor for the backpacking Section, senior instructor for the mountain climbing Section as well as being a trip leader for all of the forementioned sections.
Pablo enjoys a home hobby when the outdoors are not so favorable, HAM radio. His call sign W0PAB has been well earned given that he has been an active HAM operator since 1994. Morse code was required when Pablo took the test to be a HAM operator, although it is no longer required for new HAM operators, he makes sure to practice and keep that disappearing skill fresh in his mind.
Pablo is married to his lovely wife Patricia who also enjoys many activities with Pablo, camping, fly-fishing, hiking, and of course driving our Audi R8.

Peter Geise

Peter has been a board-appointed member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter since May of 2021. The board felt that Peter was a trustworthy and useful addition to the Board of Directors – and he has been. Due to our chapter bylaws, Peter’s current time served on the Board does not count towards elected term limits and thus Peter is eligible to be elected up to 3 times by the club membership. Peter has already provided valuable contribution to the club with two significant contributions in the areas of sponsorship:

  • Helping to secure Flatirons Audi as the signature sponsor of our charitable golf tournament last year
  • Helping to establish a working relationship with Nokian Tyres during our ice driving events this year and into the future.

Peter has previously been a volunteer for other organizations, including a member on the board of the City of Louisville and a key volunteer of There With Care (a charity for Families and Children Facing Critical Illness), especially in organizing and sponsorship for their annual golf tournament. He has been described as honest, thoughtful and personable.
Peter has been the owner of multiple Q7’s and is an avid fan of the four rings, owning Audi’s since 1998.

Chris Pagan

I have been an Audi enthusiast since I was in my early teens before I could even drive! My first email address back when I was a youth was Audi inspired. I have loved every Audi I have ever owned(currently on my 3rd) and l would be honored to help share and spread that enthusiasm to other members by being apart of the board. The joy of Audi ownership also runs on my family as my 2 daughters are in love with the brand just as much as I am.

I believe my work experience background will also make me a great board member. I have worked in various industries including running different kitchens as a chef, I used to work in the insurance industry for a number of years and I am currently and have been working in the financial industry for a number of years now. I am very organized, I have great analytical skills, and I have great attention to detail. I am looking forward to being more involved in the events this year and I am looking forward to creating some awesome memories with you all

Thank you for considering me to be apart of the board.