Dan Daubenspeck

Dan is an incumbent board member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Audi Club North America, currently serving as the President for the past two years. During my first terms as president, the chapter has hosted several days drives, multiple ice driving education events, casual happy hours, hosted a benefit golf tournament that raised $10,000 for the American Heart Association and organized participation in the annual Colorado Concours d’Elegance auto show benefiting Ability Connection of Colorado. In addition to the social and educational opportunities organized for our members, we have ensured that we are in compliance with the guidelines of maintaining our status within ACNA and maintaining our 501c3 status with federal and state authorities. At this time, I am also a member of the national membership committee, gaining valuable insight in the overall operations of ACNA and building relationships with other club and chapter leaders and members. Our goals for the upcoming year is to improve the value of the chapter to our members and continue to provide additional social and educational events for our members. Over the past two years, it has been an honor to represent the Rocky Mountain Chapter and I look forward to growing our membership and providing additional value to our chapter members.

Ian Martin

Ian Martin is an incumbent board member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Audi Club North America. Currently serving as the Vice President, he has spent the last two years helping to make as many events as possible become a reality for members of the club. He put on 6 driving tours during Colorado’s “driving season” of 2021, and assisted with 2 more in 2022 – in addition to organizing Ice Driving events, detailing education, happy hours and other social events.

Ian has been an Audi owner for 5 years – pictured above at an autocross day with his S5. Ian initially purchased the S5 for its nice power, but also luxury feel. It didn’t take too long to catch the “mod” bug… and soon a long list of modifications followed, many done himself, and kept him involved in the Audi community. He enjoys learning about the cars, where to find help, how to work on them. Next time you see him, he’d be happy to geek out with you about modifications!
Ian has taken his Audi enthusiast passion and turned that into helping support the Rocky Mountain Chapter so that others would be inspired as enthusiasts themselves. He’s often working in the background to help make sure the club is adhering to ACNA guidelines, working with the National organization for getting our club assistance to put on events, guiding financial decisions to keep the club viable for years to come. His next term will be focused on helping expand the clubs’ reach and capabilities – but also to share knowledge with the other board members so we have more hands available to help make this club a great place to be.

Saul Rivkin

My love affair with Audi’s started in 2009 when I inherited my mother’s 1999 A4 2.8 quattro. I quickly fell in love with the German engineering, how quick and responsive the car was, as well as its solid construction. A few years later I traded it in (and also sold a few Merkurs to clear the driveway and garage) for my first S4; a used Ibis White 2010 Prestige. Wow, I had just entered a whole-new love experience with lots more power! After two years of ownership, I traded that in for the S4 I still have now, a Glacier White 2012 S4.

With this S4, I started to become involved in many Audi groups including the Audi Club of North
America, Audizine, and many more. A short while later, I started modifying my S4 to make it stand out and to open up its true potential. It is fully tuned and modified with many APR parts, a custom exhaust I fabricated, and many other unique features. The car now puts down over 600 hp with a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds… on pump gas and street tires.

After attending a few ACNA events I started to volunteer in my local chapter. I then started attending ACNA National events and became involved by volunteering at many of those as well, such as, Waterfest, Carlisle, Simeone Museum, the 2019 National event, and many more. After a few years of volunteering, I stepped up, ran, and became the president of the Eastern PA chapter. I quickly became known at many Audi events as someone who was willing to always help out and step up to be involved in any way I could.

I am excited to use my experience, enthusiasm, and passion to serve as your board member to help the chapter and you get the most out of Audi ownership and the Audi Club North America Rocky Mountain Chapter.

On a more personal note, I am the proud father of four daughters from my first marriage and had lived in Pennsylvania my entire life, until August 2022 that is! Two of my daughters moved to Denver a few years prior, and once Covid restrictions lifted, I came out to visit them. Needless to say, I fell in love with Colorado, so much so, I moved here one year later. Big changes were in store for me! My husband Jeff and I moved to Berthoud in August 2022 and opened up Rocky Mountain Performance & Design, an enthusiast’s headquarters where custom work is expertly and meticulously performed.

Jeff Steigelmann

Hello all! My name is Jeff Steigelmann. I’ve been a member of the ACNA for just over 7 years.
However, I’ve been a VW/Audi obsessed enthusiast for far longer. Since entering the world of quality German engineering, I have owned five Jetta’s (MKIII/MKIV), three B5 S4’s (two being Nogaros), two B8 S4’s, a handful of other Audis, and I am currently in the process of building a big turbo B5 A4 Avant that I’m looking forward to bringing to many events here in Colorado!
Since moving to Berthoud, Colorado, I have attended countless car shows, cars and coffee events, day and night time meets, drives, and anything else we’ve found that was enthusiast related. Saul and I have aspirations to hold events of all types here at our shop with high hopes that we can provide an inviting and comfortable environment for ACNA members and nonmembers alike. In the long run, we hope to be a name people come to know and trust with their automotive wants and needs.

I’m a co-owner of Rocky Mountain Performance and Design with Saul, the previous ACNA
president of the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter, which has given me plenty of experience with assisting the club in many ways. I have experience with welding, fabricating, machine work and many other automotive related talents that I truly enjoy sharing with other enthusiasts whenever I’m able to. I hope I can bring my energy and drive to the Audi Club Rocky Mountain Chapter for years to come!

Jason Paryzek

Jason Paryzek is a volunteer for the Audi Club RMC, he has joined and assisted in two drives. Pictured above is what he is all about: mountains, beautiful weather and Audi. Jason has owned his Audi S4 since September of 2021 and has enjoyed daily driving it and driving with passion in our amazing state of Colorado. This has also spiraled into a whole other realm of learning all that is cars, motors and modifications as he has loved them since he was little. He has owned trucks, lifted Jeeps, other cars and of course his Audi. The power, comfort and style screams class, amazing design and muscle all in one.

Mods have been on the list since day one of course that Jason has installed, tuned and maintained himself. Jason would love to carry on the passion into the Audi Club RMC even more by being on the board to learn, assist, advocate and enjoy the time with other Audi enthusiasts.