Rent an Audi and Keep It Longer…Much Longer

  • Long-Term Rental.
  • No commitment.
  • Introducing Long-Term Rental from Silvercar by Audi.
  • Ultimate flexibility with an experience only Audi can offer.
  • No money down
  • No membership fee
  • 1K monthly miles included*
  • Delivery/pick up

Silvercar by Audi is introducing a new program: long term rentals. The award-winning car rental company from Audi is going to make it easier for you into an Audi. It’s the ultimate flexibility with an experience only Audi can offer.

So if your car is in the shop or if you are thinking of buying/leasing an Audi, waiting for your new car to arrive, or planning an epic road trip, treat yourself to an Audi. Silvercar by Audi has Q7s, Q5s, A4s, and A5 Cabriolets waiting for you. This is how Audi does car rental.

And remember, as Audi Club North America members, you can get discounts up to 30% off on regular rentals. Log into your Audi Club account to take advantage.

Check out long-term rentals HERE.