Event: Monterey Car Week 2019

Here’s the dirty little secret about Monterey Car Week. You can’t see it all. You simply can’t. No matter how much you prepare, you’d be incredibly hard pressed to know about all of the cool events and meet-ups going on that week. And, even when you do, there simply aren’t enough hours in a day… or week.

That may sound like a whiner’s view, given what an embarrassment of riches this particular car week represents. We’d argue though that such a statement is a major compliment, and even more reason to attend… repeatedly. Even better, find a group of friends and go in on a house rental. Next, spend your days discovering, then regale adventures when you inevitably regroup by evening over barbecue, at a tourist hot spot in Cannery Row or a trendy bistro in downtown Carmel. All that will be even more enjoyable should you choose to enjoy your own car in such a climate.

For those who don’t drive or ship in their own car, that’s not to say you can’t enjoy an Audi while in town. There’s the obvious and easy choice of renting from SilverCar out of SFO airport and, this being Silicon Valley, there are apps. Turo is the big player in peer-to-peer car rental, and DriveShare by Hagerty can help you line up something interesting. Don’t waste such a monumental weekend driving some mid-sized appliance.

As mentioned, there’s simply too much to fit into these few days. Given you’re reading this story, you’re probably notably into the Audi brand, so this 2019 chronological will provide you the short list of things not to miss with that in mind.

Automobilia Monterey (Mon-Wed)

Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion (Thu-Sun)

The Quail, a Motorsports Gathering (Fri)

Legends of the Autobahn (Fri)

Concours d’Lemons (Sat)

Exotics on Broadway (Sat)

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance (Sun)

If all of this isn’t enough to sway you to come to Monterey, then consider this. Up until two weeks before Monterey, Audi planned to reveal the RS 6 Avant there. We’ll never really know why Germany pulled it, but it was part of Ingolstadt’s original plan. Consider Audi also revealed a concept there the year before and it’s obvious that the Audi brand sees Monterey as a week they can’t miss. We’d suggest you consider it the same.

Book your lodging now. Don’t miss it.