Event: Concours d’Lemons at Monterey Car Week 2019

A show celebrating the “hooptie”-heavy 24 Hours of LEMONS racing series, this gathering in a Seaside, CA park shares off of the peculiar flavor of the racing series in car show format. Not surprisingly, series entrants are regulars here but simply being obscure will net you a spot on the lawn as evidenced by the second showing of that Auto Union 1000 SP that turned up at Legends of the Autobahn.

Another unique aspect of this event are the vendors. There were several that caught our eye, all of the sort you’d expect to find at a So-Cal automotive swap meet. Digging through the mix, we found several vintage Audi manuals, posters and even a mix of in-period SCCA Pro Rally press photos from Audi of America that the dealer had purchased out of the estate of the former sportswriter of the local Monterey newspaper.

At Concours d’Lemons, obscurity is certainly king.