Event: Exotics on Broadway at Monterey Car Week 2019

A very different flavor than other Monterey events, “Exotics” is set up for a wanton show of wealth in a different form – mainly modern exotics, often modified and driven by super car rallyists. Throw in ample “carparazzi” photographers and kids simply seeking flaming-belching exhaust snaps for Instagram, and it becomes quickly apparent how diverse the world of expensive automobiles can be.

Exotics moved from Monterey’s Cannery Row this year to Seaside’s Broadway. As locations go, Seaside is more working class, not as tourist filled as Monterey’s Cannery Row, as quiet as Pacific Grove’s main drag or as posh as downtown Carmel. All that said, it’s nice to see more of Monterey Car Week’s riches flowing into Seaside, and the space Broadway provides is more ample. That means more cars that still sell out the space, and more super-car loving crowds. 

For Audi enthusiasts, this event has always been a favorite for R8 owners. Several of Audi’s own supercar showed up, representing every generation. Appearance also ranged from a super clean black R8 LMS to a Spyder with a puzzling livery featuring grumpy cat (perhaps ironically) flipping the bird.