Event: Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance at Monterey Car Week 2019

If there is a keystone to Monterey Car Week, then that must be the Pebble Beach Concours. This iconic golf club opens its greens promptly at sunrise for the most ardent and motivated (some say spiritual) – the aptly dubbed “Dawn Patrol”. This mix witnesses these most incredible cars apparitionally appearing out of the morning marine layer fog before it burns off and ushers in the sizable crowds who flock to the event throughout the day.

Strolling onto the Pebble Beach grounds, you’ll walk past the Gooding & Company auction, plus manufacturers like Bugatti and Ferrari with corporate branded displays around the grounds. Audi typically takes a place on the “Concept Lawn”, this year drawing attention again to the R8 LMS GT2.

Inside the show, a sharp eye may catch a pre-war Auto Union brand of some sort within the mix. In this case, that car was a 1937 Horch 853 Gläser Sport Cabriolet owned by Valerie and Aaron Weiss of San Marino, CA. Having just recently finished a comprehensive restoration, this deep blue roadster drove away with the Elegance in Motion award.

Not necessarily part of the Concours itself, it’s worth noting that Pebble Beach also plans numerous activities during car week. Stand outs for Audi enthusiasts includes the RetroAuto event at their Spanish Bay property, which is another location for even more automobilia and product vendors. Former Audi Sport 200 Trans-Am driver Hurley Haywood also took part in a discussion panel with Patrick Dempsey to talk motorsport and the Hurley documentary that the two produced. That panel was hosted by podcaster Spike Feresten and even Jerry Seinfeld made an appearance to pose a question during the Q&A session.