Fox News Slams Prince Harry for “Idling” his Audi e-tron at Airport

In the world of partisan television journalism, the act of accusing celebrities and leaders who speak out about climate change over apparent hypocrisy while engaging in the otherwise mundane acts such as running the air-conditioning while sitting in a vehicle becomes suddenly newsworthy on a national or even international scale. Such was the case this week when a Fox News host took a swipe at Prince Harry for “idling” his “gas-guzzling SUV” for 30 minutes “or so”.

Watch the video shared on Reddit and you’ll see Prince Harry’s car is an Audi e-tron SUV. The Prince and his family have regularly been seen in Audi models over the years, so his choice of an e-tron probably isn’t that much of a surprise. Climate change and exhibiting that message through use of cool electric cars also isn’t new to the Duke of Sussex, as he famously drove an EV-converted Jaguar E-type on his wedding day.

Fox News did reportedly issue a retraction later, presumably after they learned of their obvious mistake.

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