Audi Q6 e-tron Spied for the First Time

Audi Q6 e-tron spied for the first time!

We know Porsche is developing a new and fully electric Macan.

The new Macan will ride on a new platform dubbed PPE , Premium Platform Electric, that is co-developed with Audi. While the platform for the Taycan (J1) was designed for cars sitting low on the road , the PPE is designed for high-floor cars like the Macan according to engineering chief, Dr. Michael Steiner.

Audi will also use the PPE platform for an upcoming model rumored to be named Q6 e-tron that we now spied for the very first time. Sadly the morning was really foggy making it slightly harder to get some decent photos.

As we can see, it looks like bigger Q4 e-tron and will offer as much space inside as the Q7 but with the length of an Q5.

This is one of the first prototypes and therefore still heavily camouflaged but it looks like the head lights are already correct production versions. At the back we can see the prototype still has the fake prototype lights. Look beneath the camouflage and you will see the air intakes on each corner of the front bumper as well as the shape of the lower air intake.

The charger ports are positioned at the rear fenders, we can see it on the left side but it’s possible there will be one on each side.

An 800-volt electrical system similar to the Porsche Taycan’s will make PPE-based cars compatible with 350-kilowatt fast-charging. Specifications like horsepower and driving range haven’t been announced yet.

Expect a debut in 2022 as a 2023 model for the Q6 e-tron with a Sportback version following later on.

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