Pop-Up Tech Park Launches Audi e-tron

As part of its impressive launch event for its first fully electric car, Ingolstadt created a temporary Audi Tech Park to help tell the story of its e-tron sub-brand and also the first mass-produced car to bear that name. Held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, the space created a highly informative immersion location for journalists and guests who’d traveled to California’s Bay Area to see the car’s reveal.

Audi’s e-tron is more than just a vehicle. It is a new direction for the brand, as important as quattro. That the first mass production battery-electric vehicle wears simply that name should make sense. In many ways, it is the ur e-tron much as the ur quattro heralded the arrival of all-wheel drive technology.

Technology itself, that Vorsprung durch Technik tagline, is certainly the theme at Audi and also at the Audi Tech Park. The ripples of e-tron were very much on display, from their championship-winning Formula E car to the recent Aicon and PB18 e-tron concept cars representing an electric future for driving autonomy to driving purity. Multiple on-site studios that first appeared to be empty actually displayed further aspects of e-tron via virtual reality.

Of course the main focus was most certainly the e-tron itself. Product presentations included many aspects of the car, including design, product positioning, and trick tech like battery design, exterior side rearview cameras, charging tech and more.

See a full gallery of the Audi TechPark in our photo gallery below.

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