Daniel Abt Does Smokey Burnouts in Schaeffler’s Electric Audi RS 3 LMS

As you may recall, Audi supplier and DTM/Formula E motorsport partner Schaeffler announced they’d built an electric RS 3 LMS a few weeks back and dubbed it the Schaeffler 4ePerformance. Four Formula E spec motors installed one at each wheel combine for 1200 hp. As you might expect, the performance potential of such a car is staggering.

As if set to answer the very same questions we have about the car, Audi Sport Formula E driver Daniel Abt headed out to take the wheel of the car and see just what it can do. AS you might expect, fast blasts down the track and even big smokey burnouts were certainly part of the plan. Interestingly, and due to the independent nature of an electric motor, the car even had a sort of spin cycle whereby it simply rotated by spinning the wheels in independent directions.

Abt posted a longer feature on it (in German) to his YouTube channel. If you speak German or want to see more footage, watch it from the beginning. If you just want to see a more produced video short of his exploits in the car, then fast forward to about the 12-minute mark.

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