Audi e-tron GT Spy Photos: Round 2

As it goes with test mules and spy photos, once a car has been seen… it tends to be seen again and again. Such is the case with the upcoming e-tron GT. We saw our first images of a production e-tron GT testing just last week, and now we have our second sighting.

What we know of e-tron GT hasn’t changed since last time around. It’s based on the electric car platform developed by Porsche for the Taycan and internally known as “J1”. So, while we don’t know specifics on the e-tron GT’s drivetrain, it’s reasonable to draw a lot of conclusions by looking at its platform-mate.

For now, that’s about all we know. Look for the production e-tron GT to drop later this year, and maybe at the L.A. Auto Show just like the e-tron GT concept car did. However, we don’t expect a production e-tron GT in market before next year sometime.

Check out the rest of these new photos below.

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