Audi Club North America with Chance to Win a New e-tron

Each year, the Audi Club North America gives away some sort of new vehicle as part of its annual fundraising and membership drive efforts. Previous years have included traditional Audi offerings such as RS 3, S3, and S5 Sportback. This year, the club ups its game with three choices of car, one of which is a new e-tron.

For 2019, Audi Club switches from a raffle to a sweepstakes model as it manages the giveaway. One benefit of the change is its ability to step up and offer cars of a higher caliber. Rather than choosing the specific car, Audi Club is giving the winner a choice. Do they go traditional performance with an RS 5, or do they step into the world of electromobility with a new e-tron?

We’re guessing we know which way readers of this blog will go. If you’d like to get in on the action, then check out more information at


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