Sportier e-tron Test Mule Spied

Unless you are a development engineer, one never quite knows the true details hidden underneath a test mule. At the same time, hanging about in a cold testing zone like Northern Sweden, spotting cars with black and white test car vinyl wrapped bodywork all becomes a bit commonplace. One could be forgiven then for mistaking this or that car for something that it is not.

So what do you do when you spy a red e-tron and looking just a bit more sporting? Well, at that point you grab a couple of shots and turn to the rumor mill. That’s what spy photographers did of this particular red e-tron.

Talk around the industry is that Audi may be working on additional variants of the e-tron. We know a Sportback is on the way, and we also know Audi as a brand is an old hat at offering different packages and performance levels on its cars. From the A4 we have the A4 allroad, the S4 and the RS 4 for example.

To that end, the two prevailing rumors about the e-tron are of more SUV-looking version in the allroad tradition, and as second more powerful and more sporty version. For now, let’s call that “e-tron Sport”.

Of the e-tron Sport, we’ve heard it will get greater power from a three motor drivetrain, with two motors at each corner of the rear axle. While the normal e-tron pushes about 420 bhp, the more powerful version rumors range from 500 to 640 bhp, not to mention torque vectoring all-wheel drive thanks to the multiple rear motors.

Again, this is all rumor for now, but this more sporting e-tron test mule eis enough to get us wondering. More information below.

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