Audi Teases AI:ME Concept Ahead of Shanghai Motor Show

Audi has dropped several design drawings today, teasing a concept car they’ve got set to debut at the Shanghai Motor Show on April 15. Dubbed AI:ME, the concept is set to illustrate Audi’s vision for an automated (read: self-driving) compact car for “the megacity of tomorrow”.

Small and autonomous is obviously an urban theme, and we suspect it’ll also be electric given the focus. Even still, Audi hasn’t specifically confirmed the car will be either electric, but the “e-tron” logo visible in the rear sketch available in the gallery below suggests that’s a foregone conclusion.

These drawings may look familiar to our readers though. We spied a model car on an Audi display in the pop-up TechPark that was part of Audi’s e-tron: The Charge event in San Francisco. Back then, we wondered if the model might be either an easter egg of a future A2 city car offering, or perhaps a design that never quite made it past the ideas phase. Now, it appears that model car was perhaps the former, an easter egg at the TechPark teasing the AI:ME.

See more photos of the TechPark model HERE. See all images of the AI:ME below.

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