Brian Scotto, Jamie Orr, Ken Block’s Turbo Monster Sport quattro and More Coming to Audi Club Nationals. Are You?

Audi Club Nationals 2023 just got more bucket list than it already had been. Driving enthusiasts the world over know North Carolina’s Tail of the Dragon, an icon of winding tarmac that was a core reason for bringing the national event to the area. However, we’re pleased to announce further reasons you can’t miss nationals, including some world-renowned cars and YouTube personalities who will be featured guests.

The People

Brian Scotto
Brian Scotto is likely best known for his founding partnership with Ken Block to form the Hoonigan Brand. Today he’s Chief Creative Officer of Wheel Pros, the company that now owns Hoonigan, Rotiform and many other wheel brands, and he’s one of the main personalities on Hoonigan’s YouTube channel. Brian joined the Audi Club North America national Board of Directors earlier this year, and when he heard nationals was at Tail of the Dragon, he let us know he wanted to be a part of it along with one of his cars… more on that below.

Jamie Orr
Check in on Jamie Orr’s YouTube channel and you’ll catch him jetting off (exit row please) to far-off lands to attend car events, purchase and import obscure automobiles, or take on challenges like driving the length of South America in a slammed GTI to test underbody armor. Jamie’s attended our national event before, and is always happy to share information about importation or his deep knowledge of obscure older Volkswagen Group automobiles.

Dave Pecaroro
Having his own YouTube channel isn’t Dave Pecaroro’s M.O., so maybe he’s more behind the scenes… sort of. You may recognize his face as the Hoonigan Racing Division staffer who helped Lia Block navigate building her quattro, or the guy who bought Scotto’s S2 Avant and is making it cooler (so much that Brian is having seller’s remorse). Nowadays, Dave had joined the team at Integrated Engineering and can be found there when he’s not wrenching on the S2 or one of his many other projects.

The Cars

Ken Block’s Turbo Monster Sport quattro
When Ken Block and Hoonigan first inked the deal with Audi to do Electrikhana, he wanted to embrace this new Audi partnership with something oldschool. Something old and iconic was never part of the deal with Audi, but the driving legend saw the opportunity to improve upon his previous work with a Sport quattro. During his partnership with Ford, Block had famously picked up a Ford RS200 Group B homologation car, but for Ken cars were meant to be driven (and drifted) and real Group B homologation specials are quickly becoming exceptionally expensive things. Even for someone of Block’s stature, there’s a bit of guilt in hooning such a rare and priceless thing.

Enter the Sport quattro. Yes, a real one is just as priceless as the Ford, but there’s a cottage industry of people and even companies making replicas using a shortened B2 chassis and building them well beyond their original spec. That support structure offered Ken the opportunity to have his Group B cake and drift it too. He did, and though we lost Ken too early back in January, his car remains a tribute to what he represented to the car community.

Brian Scotto’s Coupe quattro Hillclimb Car
Anyone who’s watched the Hoonigan channel knows this car as it’s been around the block (figuratively, it’s seldom moved under its own power) for a while. It adorned the cover of quattro Magazine after attending the 2021 SEMA Show, and rumor is it’s now a runner. If that proves true, then Brian may be taking it on the Tail and other drives during the event.

About Audi Club Nationals – The Carolinas Experience

Audi Club Nationals takes place Thursday September 14 to Sunday September 17, 2023. Join Audi enthusiasts from around the country to enjoy in this very special event. Registration closes soon, so sign up HERE.