Video: Unboxing a 1:18 Scale Audi RS 6 Avant Like a Sweepstakes Promotion Winner

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Audi Club is currently planning to give away an RS 6 Avant in the Audi exclusive color of your choice later this year. In order to keep things exciting between now and then, we’re also giving away a 1:18 scale Audi RS 6 Avant from GT Spirit to anyone entering the sweepstakes for the real life 1:1 scale car between January 27 and February 10.

Knowing this, we thought you’d find this unboxing video of the same Matte Daytona Grey 1:18 scale Audi RS 6 Avant from GT Spirit as the one we’ll be giving away later this week. If you’d like to be the one doing the opening, make sure you’ve entered our sweepstakes between the 1/27 and 2/10 for your chance to win the model car.

We ran our own video, not of the unboxing but of the exact model we’ll be shipping, and talked about the details of this limited time promotion.

Over the remaining time of our sweepstakes, we’ll be doing a number of other promotions. Make sure to follow along, as we’re planning some very cool stuff. This matte grey RS 6 scale model is just the start.

Enter the sweepstakes HERE.