Unfair Advantage Podcast: AJ Campo and Jessica Ewing Talk HPDEs with Built S3, Nationals 2023, Being a Woman in Car Hobby & Queens of quattro

When AJ Campo relocated from New York to North Carolina during the pandemic, she didn’t really know anyone in her newly adopted home. Fortuitously, she’d meet Audi Club Carolinas’ Jessica Ewing who approached Campo about her S3 at a cars and coffee. What resulted was a fast friendship, including trips to Tail of the Dragon, high-performance driver training, and further evolution for Campo as a driver and an enthusiast. Both are now in the leadership of Audi Club Carolinas, so they sat down to chat about AJ’s Audi experience in that time, then cover various subjects from Audi Club Carolina’s hosting of the Audi Club Nationals event at Tail of the Dragon this coming September, the offshoot sub-chapter Queens of quattro, and their own experience as women in the automotive space.

The upcoming Q3_2023 issue of quattro Magazine takes on a thematic focus on women members of Audi Club North America. Several key female members of the club have stepped in as hosts and guests of the Unfair Advantage Podcast. This is the first of that series, and it serves as the basis for a feature story about AJ and her experience in the pages of this summer’s issue.

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