Spy Photo: Porsche Boxster EV

We have some new photos showing the electric Porsche Boxster and this time we also managed to get some shots showing the dash. While the outside shows nothing new compared to earlier sightings, we can see some interesting details inside.

The cover normally hiding the dash is put on top so that we can see most of the dash and also that the battery is ca 50% charged with a range of only ca 125 km left. At this point we don’t know how hard the prototype was driven before the photo was taken but maybe we can count on a range of 300 km with a fully charged battery?

Also remember this is just still an prototype and Porsche is most likely testing with different sizes of batteries.

When it’s time for the debut in 2024, the Boxster will come in different stages of power. We are also yet to see the first prototypes of the Porsche Cayman that should show up shortly or for the winter test season at latest.