Spied: PPE-Based Porsche Macan EV Test Mule

While it may be a Porsche and this is Audi Club, the detailed sighting of the upcoming Macan SUV is worth noting and paying attention. Unlike the current Macan, the next-generation crossover will be a pure EV. Like the current Macan, it’ll be based on an Audi-derived platform architecture. In this case, it’s the PPE modular matrix that will also underpin the Q6 and upcoming A6 e-tron variants.

Notable amongst this set of photos is the interior, left completely uncovered and with displays on, which allowed photographers to capture shots of the cabin. While the Audi interiors are likely completely different, they will no doubt share similar levels of electronic integration.

It’s unclear when the new Macan will be showing up, but expect the Q6 to be revealed before the end of the year, then arriving in the USA sometime in 2024.