Find of the Day: Clean Imola B5 S4 Avant on BaT

There’s this bridge time for classic cars that moves from old and affordable so ripe for modification, on to old and in need of expensive repairs that may not happen, then on to old and classic where pristine and unmodified condition can pay off in spades. The B5-generation A4/S4/RS 4 is definitely reaching the latter status. So, when a clean example of an S4 Avant shows up on Bring a Trailer, it’s worth noting… and watching.

This example isn’t collector-grade low in miles, but it’s exceptionally clean and in desirable Imola Yellow with even more desirable manual transmission. From our perspective, that makes it a great balance of preservation, yet with mileage high enough that you won’t feel guilty driving it.

Care to learn more? Check it out on Bring a Trailer HERE.