Updated Q7 Spied Virtually Undisguised Testing in Cold Climates

Our spy photographer sources caught the next-generation Q7 test mule making a cold-weather run, and without camouflage no less. In as much, we can clearly see details that hadn’t been seen before.

As noted previously, this’ll be another update for the existing version and more like a mid-lifecycle freshening. While Audi typically only does one mid-lifecycle freshening or product improvement (P.I.) before an all-new generation, the oncoming tide of EVs and development of them means an upgraded version of the current MLB Evo version will see the internal combustion engine (ICE) Q7 through to the end of the the ICE era at Audi. So where the current Q7 is designated as 4M and enthusiast slang for a refreshening adds “.5” making the current Q7 “4M.5”, we’re not quite sure what to call this one.

Back to the mule itself, the most striking difference is the grille with those oversized openings. That’s definitely a new look for Audi, and perhaps draws attention to the air-inhaling internal combustion nature of the Q7, counter to the smoothed off singleframe grilles on e-tron models.

Beyond that, expect the usual mid-lifecycle stuff… fresh bumpers, new lights front and rear, and likely an upgrade in the infotainment system.

Check out more photos below.