Report: Audi Readying Product Offensive Including Small Q2 e-tron Crossover

Audi AG’s new chief Gernot Döllner has barely even landed in Ingolstadt and he’s already announcing the biggest product offensive in brand history. A report out this week by German car industry publication Auto Zeitung confirms his plans, outlining several with some interesting analysis from the magazine.

In short, Auto Zeitung points out the challenges Döllner faces. Where the marque once passed Mercedes in worldwide sales and nearly passed BMW just ten years ago, it today lags both worldwide and also in the crucial Chinese market where it once enjoyed dominance. Chief among that, according to Auto Zeitung, is its lagging in electric and sports offerings, and also lack of new models. That’s about to change though as 20 new models are slated to be launched between now and 2025 including a Q2 e-tron.

For the German publication, it sees taking on its chief German rivals at Mercedes and BMW to be the most important strategy. How this affects the U.S. market remains to be seen, but the Q4 e-tron is promoted as comparable to the Q5 in interior capacity. Would a Q2 e-tron then be more akin to the Q3 for cabin space? Would Americans buy a small premium crossover slotted below the Q4 e-tron? We rendered these images via AI to better envision what a Q2 might look like.

What other models are you hoping to see in this large product launch strategy?