Product Placement: Audi e-tron in “A Family Affair” on Netflix

Alas, not every product placement can be as memorable as the Audi R8 in Iron Man, but if an Audi automobile shows up in a major film or show then we do our best to make sure you know. In this case, it’s the pre-facelift / pre-Q8 badged Audi e-tron making a cameo in the made-for-Netflix romantic comedy A Family Affair starring Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron and Joey King.

In the movie, the e-tron shows up being driven by Efron and Kidman’s characters. It looks good with the option tarantula wheels, though the oversized e-tron branding on the C-pillar that we’ve seen on corporate headquarters cars and press cars isn’t exactly a contextually natural OEM stock branding callout like a four rings fade logo on the Audi ur quattro.

If you care to give this movie a try, you can find it on Netflix HERE, it scored a 40% on Rotten Tomatoes.