Next-Generation Audi S3 Sedan Spied

Spy photographers have caught the sedan variant of the next-generation S3 sedan out performing hot weather testing. While S3 Sportback variants have been previously spied, the arrival of a pre-production sedan body style is more interesting to American buyers where the 4-door is the sole body style for the S3.

As with the first-generation A3/S3 sedan, this next-generation car appears to stick with its B5-harkening upright 4-door body style rather than going for lower-slung proportions like the most modern A6 or its chief rival the Mercedes-Benz CLA.

As with the current S3 family, the S3 sedan is expected to share its drivetrain with the S3 Sportback. Rumors suggest that means power around 300-320 hp and likely from an updated 2.0 TFSI 4-cylinder engine.