1984 Audi 100 Avant…Sauna

words: Bill, photos: telegraph.co.uk and SaunAudi , video: NewsFlare

Avants are hot and…steamy? Willem Mäesalu of Estonia has created what is probably the world’s only drivable sauna and if not, the world’s only drivable Audi converted into a sauna. In a past life, this 1984 Audi 100 Avant drove in winter rallies but now finds a slower pace of life. I present you the SaunAudi.

Saunas are a tradition in Estonia so after the Avant retired from the rally life, Willem converted it to what has become a…I don’t even have words to describe it. It’s a sauna that can be moved into position under its own power. For longer distances, it’s towed by another Avant.

Inside, there there is room for up to 5 people, a sound system with USB connection, cozy LED lighting, wood paneling, and a stove to make things steamy. There’s also a terrace on the roof if you want to heat up the natural way.

If you live in Tallinn, Estonia, you can rent this for €75 an hour plus €1.20 per mile delivery. Check out the SaunAudi Facebook page to make your appointment. Maybe Willem will franchise this idea so you can experience it for yourself.