Head Hoonigan Has Coupe quattro Affliction

If you’re a fan of the car hobby and spend any time on YouTube, then you’ve probably already come across Brian Scotto. As a partner in Ken Block’s businesses including the Hoonigan brand and YouTube channel, Brian gets around the car scene just fine. He’s also got a serious car affliction that seems to have begun with a B3 quattro.

Scotto’s car interest ranges. From one of the first RWB 911s built in the USA, to a matte Chevy Nova big in the Hot Rod world, to many, many more… Brian’s got it bad. It all started though with the Coupe quattro, something he’s owned for over ten years and is in a constant state of sitting there waiting for him to revisit the project.

The Hooligans YouTube channel has been giving Scotto’s Coupe quattro a fair bit of coverage as of late. We first saw it mentioned a few months back when Audi engineers visited The Hooligans Donut Garage in Los Angeles on their way to SEMA in the TT clubsport turbo concept. More recently, Brian’s staff have been giving him hell for his growing mix of non-operative cars. Perhaps caving to peer pressure, he’s finally begun working on the car again.

Above are two recent episodes from The Hoonigans where his team stages an intervention, and then again when he gets back to work on the Coupe quattro in earnest. Watch and enjoy.