Video: Watch Ashley Freiburg and Gosia Rdest at Daytona [Full Race]

One of the best parts of watching the 2018 Audi Sport season thus far must certainly be seeing Ashley Freiburg and Gosia Rdest take on Daytona in their #DriveProgress GMG Audi R8 GT4. While the pair didn’t get a full season ride (for now, we’re hoping), they certainly put in a strong showing in Daytona.

If you’re a subscriber of our print magazine¬†quattro quarterly, you may have caught an in-depth interview with each of these up-and-coming drivers, part of two conversations that happened hours after the race. If you missed the race, it’s worth watching now that IMSA has put it up on YouTube in its entirety.

This was one of the largest numbers of Audi to take to the track in one race, so there’s plenty of Audi action to focus on. In particular, we think it’s worth drawing attention to this pair’s #50 R8 GT4. They came on strong and mixed it up with other drivers in the field. They were the top finishing R8 GT4 that day and carried a pace that most assuredly would have put them up with the front runners had they not been spun by a Mustang and had a few glitches with pit stops.

Alas, Freiburg and Rdest did not get a full season ride this season. We’re hoping to see them return though.