Registration Open for Winter Driving Event January 20-22, 2023

Winter Driving Event

Winter Driving Event

Registration for Audi Club Golden Gate’s 25th +1 annual Winter Driving Event at Thunderhill Raceway Park is open now!

We will be doing something a little different this year. Car control exercises will take place Friday Afternoon on the small skid pad. Friday exercises will be mandatory (and included in the price of admission) for A-group drivers. Car control exercises will also be available for a limited number of B-group drivers, and above, as a $50 registration add-on, or for free if you volunteer to help run the A-group exercises.

This new approach offers two advantages:

(1) Everyone gets more track time on Saturday and Sunday; (2) Advanced drivers get the opportunity to brush up on their car control skills on a top-notch skid pad, with variations to the usual layouts to keep it interesting. Our hope is that this arrangement provides a more relaxed schedule for students and instructors alike.

In true WDE tradition, we will have a banquet on Saturday night, followed by our fun-filled live auction. For more details on the WDE, click here, or enter into your browser. Sign up before November 25th and get the $50 Black Friday discount!