Welcome to the Audi Club of North America’s Golden Gate Chapter! The Golden Gate Chapter serves Northern California, in the middle of the West Coast of the United States, between our friends of the Southern California and of the Pacific Northwest Chapters.

ACGG Leadership Team

The individuals listed below represent the current Board of Directors for Audi Club NA Golden Gate. You can use this information to better understand how we have delegated authority for a variety of different functions, and to contact a BoD member directly. BoD terms are three years, with a 2-terms consecutive limit. If you’re interested in becoming part of the club’s leadership team, please email us at [email protected].

The following are our loyal Advisors and Supporters who help us on a daily basis. We thank you as we could not run the Club and all the events without you!

  • Amy Garcia
  • Andre Sims
  • Andrew Bennett
  • Andy Daniels
  • Andy Immel
  • Bernie Lin
  • Chuck Ferrel
  • Curly Humberto
  • Dana Gleason
  • David Miller
  • Eric Christie
  • Gene Frank
  • Jim Nix
  • Joe Lucchio
  • Kurt Krueger
  • Larry Whitney
  • Pat O’Neal
  • Ryan Schiller
  • Steve Sherwood
  • Terry Griffin
  • Terry Unter
  • Tupper Hull