Spy Photo: Porsche Macan EV Winter Test

We ran into a group of Porsche testers at an charging station in the cold winter and it was clear that the Macan EV prototype had some problems.

Nothing special with that since that’s why the prototypes are being tested; to avoid these problems when the cars are ready for regular clients.

After realizing it would take a while for the Macan EV to move, we went closer to shoot some photos. That was really not appreciated by the test drivers who covered the prototype as quick as they could. But we still managed to get a few new details such as the frameless windows on the doors and a small glimpse to the dash. I know it’s not the best interior shot but try to do some better shots with an Porsche test driver trying to stop you.

Fast forward to 4 hours later and the prototype was almost fit for fight, at least in a slow speed back to its own garage. The Cayennes did their best in order to protect the prototype but it didn’t quite work like their plan I guess.

Sadly the photo light also disappeared during that time so you have to enjoy what we have managed to snap anyway.

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