Electromobility in Winter: Intelligent Thermal Management in Audi Models Preserves Range and Performance

  • Audi embeds mechanisms to preserve batteries and charging capacity
  • Preconditioning heats the high-voltage battery and interior before departure
  • Heat pump generates soothing warmth and protects against loss of range

In the winter, electrically powered cars have to bring the interior and the battery system to the right temperature. This double task already requires a lot of energy from them. Low exterior temperatures exacerbate the problem – and affect high-voltage batteries’ performance. Nonetheless, concern over excessive loss of range in electric Audi models is unfounded: with intelligent thermal management, the brand provides outstanding performance and range in its cars; special protective mechanisms ensure long battery life. In an interview, Pierre Woltmann, head of thermal management for high-voltage batteries at Audi, and Thomas Anzenberger from thermal management virtual functional development explain how the company with the four rings is effectively meeting the challenges of winter operation.

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