Porsche Macan EV Prototype Spied

The next generation Porsche Macan will go all electric and we spied the very first prototypes.

This prototype was out testing on a test track in bad weather conditions such as rain and fog and the distance didn’t help either but never the less, we are happy to be able to show you the very first photos.

The new Macan will ride on a new platform dubbed PPE, Premium Platform Electric, that is co-developed with Audi. While the platform for the Taycan (J1) was designed for cars sitting low on the road , the PPE is designed for high-floor cars like the Macan according to engineering chief Dr. Michael Steiner. Audi will most likely use the PPE platform for an upcoming model rumored to be named Q6 e-tron. We also believe that both Porsche and Audi will use this platform for more electric SUV models in the future.

We have however learned that the PPE platform has an architecture that also allows both low- and high-floor meaning we could see all from electric A4s up to electric Q8s using that platform.

Back to the Macan prototype in the photos, we can see the headlights are similar in shape of those found on the Porsche Taycan even if the camouflage is trying to make them bigger. The body style is more coupe-ish, with a retractable rear spoiler. It looks pretty much like the Cayenne Coupe on the side and rear angles. And don’t mind the exhaust pipes, they are fake.

As for now, we have no idea about the power of the all-electric Porsche Macan but according to Dr. Michael Steiner, the electric Macan will go up to Turbo and Turbo S levels of performance.

Production of the electric Macan is said to start at the end of 2022 according to our latest information but there might be an official reveal in 2021 already. The combustion powered Macan will stay around for a few more years to be sold parallel with the electric version.

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