e-tron quattro S Spied Testing at Nürburgring

With the Audi e-tron just hitting market, the idea of an S-variant was probably only a matter of time. We’d been hearing rumors and even a few spy shots of what looked like a more sporting e-tron out testing, but it seems today’s catch of a decidedly more beefy-looking e-tron on track testing at the Nürburgring that has now peaked our interest.

Specifically, photographers caught two prototypes out testing that could be the supposed e-tron quattro S. In both cases, the mules are running a lower and more aggressive suspension, with one running decidedly bigger wheels.

Since Audi has revealed no details on the car, we have only rumors to share at this time. Supposedly, the e-tron quattro Sport will have a three electric motor setup, with two motors at the rear for vectored performance.

While the current e-tron offers 402 bhp when counting front and rear motors together, simple math suggests a third rear motor would place an e-tron quattro S at 640 bhp. Whether or not the upgrade is that simple or whether Audi leaves room for an e-tron quattro RS remains to be seen.

Other details of the e-tron quattro S mules are also interesting. Both appear to have camouflage overtop areas where the typical S-car would get a more aggressive aerodynamic treatment. The lighter car, likely a more sporting paint code like Suzuka Grey, also appears to have black optics… at least at some level.

For now, enjoy more photos below.

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