World First: Start of the Audi charging hub as an Urban Quick-Charging Concept

  • Unique pilot project opens on December 23 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center
  • Six reservable fast-charging points with up to 320 kW of charging power
  • Exclusive lounge and extensive service offerings enhance the charging time

With the continuously growing number of electric models, the demands made on charging infrastructure is increasing. Today at the exhibition center in Nuremberg, the first Audi charging hub is going into operation as the only charging concept of its kind in the world. The Audi charging hub opens for customers on December 23. The modern quick-charging station with reservable high-power charging areas is oriented toward, among other things, electric car owners who don’t have any charging opportunities at home. Moreover, the Audi charging hub is intended to serve future peak demand for charging in urban environments. A connected lounge area offers a premium charging experience.

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