e-tron connect: Audi Holds EV Cars & Coffee at Virginia Headquarters

words and photos: George Achorn

Editor’s note: this article was originally posted on our sister site, e-tron connect.

As part of this week’s National Drive Electric Week, Audi of America and Electrify America joined forces to host an EV Cars & Coffee at the Volkswagen Group’s Herndon, Virginia headquarters. Given the event was largely planned by Volkswagen Group charging subsidiary Electrify America, and the event was part of the greater Drive Electric Week, the event was open to all types and brands of cars… both ICE and electric.

Of course, the focus for this blog was more the Audi presence, so let’s start with that. Audi Club attended to support the event, bringing our own about-to-launch Project e-tron. This was joined by several other privately owned e-trons, and a handful of Antigua Blue e-tron fleet cars.

Other electrics in the field ranged. Electrify America brought their “Noah’s Ark” fleet, with one of nearly every consumer electric automobile available on the market. Not surprisingly, the other big faction of electrics that turned up were Tesla owners, with a mix of models including a rare original Lotus Elise-based Tesla Roadster.

Given Volkswagen Group is prone to having these sorts of Cars & Coffee gatherings at their facility, one can expect a diverse mix of cars when they put the word out that an event will be going down. DC area car enthusiasts typically make the rounds, beginning at Great Falls’ own Katie’s Cars & Coffee, then heading south to Herndon for the gathering at the manufacturer headquarters.

If you happened to miss the EV Cars & Coffee at Audi of America, don’t fret. There are plenty of other electric car events this week and into next weekend. Check out the National Drive Electric Week website for more information.