Spy Photos: Lamborghini Huracán EVO Performante Mule Spotted

Our spy photographers have captured something…special? This Huracán EVO might look like a production car but there’s something different about this one that you can see from behind.

That engine cover is nothing we’ve seen on a Huracán before. It looks like it came off a Aventador so could indicate that this be a mule for the Huracán EVO Performante. Up front, the front bumper is taped on and of a different color which implies that the real Performante bumper was switched out for a ‘normal’ EVO bumper for these test. The new EVO has the same 640HP V10 as the current Performante but the new EVO Performante will most likely have closer to 700hp.

This is just pure guessing on our part but since the this Huracán looks a little off, we’re guessing that this Huracán EVO is a Performante version.