concept corner: 2005 Audi allroad quattro concept

words: Bill, photos: Audi AG

Here in the States, we’ve had 2 allroad models: the A6 allroad (C5) and the A4 allroad (B8.5) but not at the same time. The B9 A4 allroad showed up as a 2017 model and the new A6 (C8), as a 2020 model, is finally here. Soon, a third Avant will join her sisters in the form of the RS 6 Avant. It’s an exciting time for long roof lovers.

The production of the C5 allroad was ending when Audi debuted this allroad quattro concept. First shown at the North American International Auto Show (Detroit), it looked a bodybuilder stuffed into a business suit. Its looks weren’t the only thing going for this concept; it highlighted new technology and power. The engine was a 4.o V8 TDI boasting 268hp and 480ft-lb that propelled it from 0-62mph in 6.4 seconds.

The tech side was plentiful. It had Audi Road Vision: the system not only informed the driver of potential dangerous road conditions ahead (i.e.- gravel or black ice) but it gave the ESP and adaptive cruise control additional information for an even better proactive control. It also was equipped with lane assist and side assist…tech that we are used to now on a present-day Audi.

Sadly, the C5  was the last A6 allroad Americans saw until the 2020 A6 allroad arrived. This celebration of what was then 25 years of quattro served as a harbinger of the technology that would enter production in just a few short years. All hail the return of the long roof.