Find of the Day: Throwdown Edition Episode 2 Recap and a Preview of Episode 3

words: Bill

Episode 2 of Find of the Day: Throwdown Edition is done and once again, people played fast and light with the “rules”. We did, however, have a structure that we adhered to: 1) Beater/Bargain: $5,000 or under 2) Daily: $50,000 cap and 3) Dream: no cap. Our ragtag band of guests included Ryan Compton, Audi Club Board member and hoarder of MK1 TTs; Tim Enders, former VWVortex/Fourtitude staff and Ducati rider who wants to motor around the world; and Dan Gray, builder of awesome Avants and awesome events. Tim won two rounds making him the winner of Episode 2…he’s going to be insufferable now.

This week, we bring you three new guests: Josh Paashaus, owner of Nothing Leaves Stock and guru of Volkswagens (though he knows a thing or two about Audi…just); Javad Shadziowner of 034 Motorsport and guru of Audi (though he knows a thing or two about VWs); and Ray Reyes, contributor to quattro Magazine and mad-man owner of multiple Audi vehicles including a Coupe quattro (which I will steal from him one day). Be sure to join us on our Facebook page live on Friday at 7pm EST. With this lineup, it’s going to be good. Now if everyone can just follow the rules…aw who am I kidding. Watch last week’s episode below.

Episode 1